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Our Labx x pup Angus and cats Shadow & Jaffa would like to welcome you to Hillcrest.

Our Labx x pup Angus and cats Shadow & Jaffa would like to welcome you to Hillcrest.

Four of our six bedrooms are pet friendly, as is our lounge.

There are lots of lovely walks aroundabout - from beaches to forests and we will happily suggest somewhere to suit that is sure to be welcoming.  
We’re not big on rules here but we’d be grateful if you could read the following carefully to ensure you and our other guests have a relaxing stay.

Although we are pet friendly, not everyone is so we would ask that you don't let your dog approach other guests unless they encourage it. Our garden is not secure, and although you are welcome to let your dog into it - please bare this in mind as there is a (quiet) road adjacent.

We also ask that you pick up after your pet - there is a black bin at the rear of the house for disposal.  There are also several "poop bins" around the town for your convenience. 

Your pet is welcome to join you in the lounge area, but not in the dining room - unless of course you are the only people dining.  We also ask that you don't leave your pet alone in your room when you go out.  We've found out the hard way that even the best trained dogs, who are quite happy to be left alone at home, can bark, scratch and even have accidents when in strange surroundings. If accidents do happen, please let us know as we have plenty of cleaning products available.

If you feel your dog is OK to be left in your room for a short time while you have breakfast or dinner then that is fine, but we find most people are happy to pop them in the car - just in case, and as long as its not too hot.

Please don't let your pet on the beds or other furniture and we would appreciate it if you would dry them off and wipe muddy paws before going back to your room.

We have spare bowls, poop bags and doggy towels if needed - please don't hesitate to ask.

Please note - the cats are family pets are do roam the public rooms - they do not go upstairs to bedrooms. but please let us know if you have allergies so we can be sure to keep them out of your way indoors during your stay.  

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